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VERE’s Table Hoist and Transport System makes moving those heavy tables a pleasure! No need to round up manpower or call those expensive movers.

Simply sandwich the table between the holding brackets and allow the transport system to do the work.  You may rotate the table top 90 degrees (vertically) to fit thru tight spaces. 

The entire system is coated in safety yellow for high visibility.  Installs around a table mounted on 4 legs so no other lifting equipment is needed to support while removing legs.

  • Fits up to a 6’ wide x 16’ long table with a maximum thickness of 24”.

  • Weight limit is 7000 lbs

  • System includes a manual crank to lift the bread board.

  • Fits through a standard 36” door with table. (no legs)

  • Disassembles for easy storage and transport.

  • Stores in a 36” x 48” area

VERE Table Hoist and Transport System


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