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This is for tables with a length or width over 48". If both dimensions are smaller, please see "Table Stand, 4' x 4' and under


Vere's Optical Table Stand supports up to 1000 lb.. It is constructed of 2" square metal tubes (horizontals) 3" square tubes (verticals), coated in black polyurethane, with a brace near the bottom. 


This unit has a standard leveling foot under each leg.


VERE Table/Breadboard is mounted to the stand with bolts 2" in from the corners of the bottom skin.


Non-VERE tables can be mounted, but we cannot garentee the table has appropriate mounting holes. Inspect your table for mounting holes and specify the distances between them. For additional support, Call us at 724-335-5530

Table Stands, Larger that 4' x 4'

  • Lead Time is typically about 2 weeks until shipping. Shipping Times may vary. If you would like to request a specific carrier or shipping terms, please call into our office

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