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Optical Enclosures


We build each enclosure customized to our end users needs and preferences.
Call us for a quote on your custom enclosure today! 

VERE will manufacture an Enclosure in most unique shapes and sizes.

Only the depth of the user’s imagination and the resourcefullness of our Engineering staff are the limitations.

Sizes: Custom built to your specifications

Choice of Materials:

  • Metal:  Steel or Aluminum

  • Plastics: Polycarbonates or Acrylics

  • Fabric: Std. Black Fabric or Heavy Duty Black Fabric

Mountings: Table top, Floor, Ceiling


  • Sliding

  • Hinged Top

  • Hinged Bottom

  • Hinged Side

  • Removable Panels (Recommended for LIGHT TIGHT Applications)

Colors: Black Anti-reflective Coating (standard)

  • or  Custom Colors and Textures


  • Interlock Switches


  • Acoustic Dampening

  • Cable Ports for use in Electrical Feedthru situations.  Can accomodate combinations of Loose wires, Coaxial Cables and Fiber Bundles. 

  • Fans

  • Lighting

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