• Enclosed isolated optical breadboard
  • Lighted enclosure
  • Removable laser blocking panels
  • Cable access port
  • Open back rack mount
  • Ground fault protected   power
  • Power distribution front and back

Optical Laboratory Workstation

VERE's Optical Workstation is an ideal solution for automated test, research, microscopy and any application that requires an optical table and electronic equipment. Safety officers will love this workstation because it offers laser blocking panels, antireflective surfaces, ergonomic design, and ground fault protected power. Optional fume extraction enhances the safety of cutting operations, toxic gas handling and applications utilizing hazardous chemicals.

The standard workstation includes an isolated 3' x 4' optical breadboard with movable laser blocking panels, lighting inside the enclosure, 19" equipment rack, power distribution and light and power switches. Customized stations can be provided with virtually any feature the user desires such as drawers, custom paint, rack panels, rack mounted monitors and computers, laminar flow air and acoustic enclosures.

The VERE Workstation has been designed by laboratory technicians for ease of use. It includes features such as an access hole from the rack into the enclosure for cables, removable panels for ease in set up, an open back rack for ease of wiring, and power distribution on the front and back of the station.

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