Vibration Isolation Workstation Stands

  • Supports light or heavy loads                                     
  • Optional shelf                                                               
  • Optional side panels                                                    
  • Optional power strip of US standard outlets           
  • Light weight models available                                    
  • Non-magnetic models available                                 
  • Models for use with -or- without compressed air   
  • Optional locking casters -or- leveling casters

Our sturdy support stands are constructed of 3" square steel  tube legs and 2" square steel cross bars. The standard support stand has  leveling feet that are height adjustable +/- 1 - 2 inches. Locking casters or  leveling casters are optional.

For applications requiring a passive isolation system for use  without compressed air, the vibration isolation canisters provide convenience as  well as isolation. The VIC CANISTERS are inflated to 60PSI maximum and are  available for loads from 100 Lb's up to 4800 Lb's.

The canisters are mounted to the support stand and the Optical  Breadboard is attached to the canisters with a rotating mounting plate to easily  align to the mounting holes on the underside of the breadboard.

Workstations can be totally customized to your requirements.
  • Enclosures
  • Fume hoods
  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Arm rests
  • Power strips
  • Drawers -or-
  • Other accessories

A motorized or manual height adjustable work surface or counter  top work surface is also available.

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