Vertical Styles

Full view mounted to a 24”x 57” Breadboard 2” Thick


Multiport design with observation windows. This design will be used at 1 micron of vacuum in a research laboratory.  Complete system includes a 480 Watt Controlled Temperature Heating System with  a 3 cfm Vacuum Pump and Electronic Regulation .


Internal view of lower section

View of mounting Breadboard


Horizontal Styles

  • Chamber top is fastened by removable screws to allow easy access to inner breadboard grid.
  • Replaceable gasket seal between Breadboard and Chamber top
  • Breadboard style base has vibration dampening qualities.
  • Custom fittings for all your input and output needs.

Front View


End View

Internal view without removable grid  installed . Only sealed stainless steel mounting studs shown


Model shown is built on a 22” x 44” breadboard base 2” thick.

Vacuum line to pump---

This unit was under-test when picture was taken. Notice large ports blocked

-------2 “Breadboard

Sealed top of breadboard(gasket not shown)------

View of Internal Worksurface,  including 1” grid

Ideal for small applications.

  • This unit is built on a 12” x 18” optical breadboard.
  • Height of chamber only is 5”.
  • Fittings on both ends.

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