TC7100, TC7100S Temperature Controller


The TC7000 Series is a low noise ultra stable temperature controller incorporating many features only found in sophisticated bench top controllers. It is intended for the OEM or end user as a low cost building block for complete temperature control of thermoelectric or resistance elements. The TC7000 Series supports multiple sensor types as well as providing adjustable output and overcurrent protection. This makes the device an ideal choice for almost any cooling or heating application.



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  • Supports most sensor types
  • Linear PI loop
  • Adjustable PI constants
  • 5 Amp bipolar output
  • Low noise/ultra-stable output
  • Output protection
  • Thermoelectric or resistive load


  • Photodiode temperature control
  • Laser diode burn-in systems
  • Biological temperature control
  • Precision temperature sources
  • High power laser diode cooling
  • Etalon stabilization

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