An Optical Table System from VERE has 2 parts to consider:

  1. The Top work surface with a grid of holes, a Honeycomb core which dampens oscillations and the bottom surface that contains the mounting holes for legs or table stands.
  2. The legs, stands, and other supporting structures are available in versions that provide additional vibration isolation characteristics.                         


 Vibration / Isolation Legs                                  Non-Isolated Legs

 Table Stands                                    Vibration Canisters

 Support Posts                                      tn_VBB2 Vibration Bladders

Vertical Mount Isolation Systems              Vibration Isolation Systems


Table Shelves

 Carrying Cases for Breadboards

Table Hoist and Transport System


Even though our products are designed to be used with genuine VERE equipment, many of our designs are adaptable to other manufacturer’s products, such as Breadboards , Legs  and Tables.