LD8100, LD8200, LD8300 Laser Diode Drivers


The LD8000 series laser diode drivers contain all of the features normally found in high priced bench top controllers. They are intended for the OEM or end user as a low cost building block for complete laser diode control systems. Interlocks, keylocks, emission indicators and output shunts are all provided by the LD8000 series laser diode drivers. Output current and voltage limits, output shunts and power supply monitoring are provided to protect the laser and eliminate unintended emissions.



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  • Constant current & power modes
  • Compatible with all LD/photodiode  pin configurations
  • Low noise/ultra stable output
  • Extensive laser diode protection
  • CDRH compliance features
  • Current ranges to 10 Amps


  • Spectroscopy
  • Target designation/illumination
  • Medical & surgical lasers
  • Laser scanners & printers
  • High power laser drive
  • Precision current sources

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