• Typically, any size requirements can be easily accomplished by structurally joining two or more tables.
  • Our system offers any size or shape you require with a structurally sound seam and without interference with the grid pattern.
  • Ideal for those situations with Installation Restrictions such as Room Sizes, Narrow Door Way Widths, Inconvienent Hallway Turns, or Excessive Carrying Weight.
  • Compatible with most Table Supporting Systems, Isolated and Non-Isolated.
  • A standard 48" x 96" x 8" Table with Ferromagnetic Skins weighs approximately 467 lbs or 211.8 kg.  If this was a Joined System, the weight of each section would be then be 1/2 , i.e. 234 lbs or 106 kg.
  • Custom Holes or Cable Ports can be added just like a standard table..
VERE Joiner Table

Joiner Strips shown in Black

These (4)  4’x8’ sections

Top weight using Ferromagnetic Skins  >1900 lbs before legs attached.


Joiner Strips shown in Black

 8’ x 16’ x 8.3” Optical Table with a Continuous Grid