• Compact size
  • Quartz halogen lamp
  • 3000 hr lamp life
  • Blocked IR emission
  • No fan, no vibrations (std models)
  • Adaptors for most bundles
  • Price includes one standard bundle
  • Lower or Higher Output Power Units Available
  • Various Filament Temperatures Available
  • DC voltage units Available

Quartz halogen lamp

The QH1100A is a high intensity quartz halogen light source with a fiber optic bundle. The quartz halogen bulb runs at a higher filament temperature than ordinary tungsten bulbs, providing very white light with emission to 350nm. This gives excellent color rendition in color applications. Infrared is blocked so as to provide intense illumination without heating. Replacement lamps are carried by most photographic dealers or through VERE.


Fiber bundle

A 1/8" fiber bundle, 36 inches long is standard with the QH1100.  

The unit can be operated without the fiber or adaptor to provide an intense diverging beam. 

Additional standard 1/8” fiber bundles, “Y” Output bundles, Larger diameter bundles up to 1/2”, and External Lens types may be ordered.


Specifications (standard unit)

Lamp style:     20 watt, 12 volt, 3000 hr life

Filament temperature:    2950K

Power output:    >75mw from 1/8" bundle

Fiber bundle:    Fused silica 1/8" core standard

Bundle style:    Flexible PVC or Stainless Steel jacketed.

Size:    3in x 4in x 5in

Universal Power Input: 90-264 Vac , 47 - 63Hz.

Cooling: Convection cooled