Innovative Products for the Optical Laboratory

Illuminated Lighted Warning Signs

  • Can be designed for any  “CAUTION” or “DANGER” Application
  • Case Size is 12-1/4” wide x 9-5/8” high
  • We will add your Laser Specifications to the Front of the Sign at no additional charge. 
  • 110 VAC or 220 VAC Units
  • Optional Control Interface:  Sign can be turned on from external control circuit. (6-18 VDC required)
  • Can be mounted in various configurations.
  • (2) Methods of wiring available:

        Direct Wiring to the Room Electrical Circuit (similar to EXIT sign wiring) or AC Power Cord with “In-Circuit” Switch  

Picture VLSIL LaserOn


Non-Lighted  Warning Signs

  • Available in sturdy stock paper with adhesive backing
  • Laminated products are of high strength sealed plastic materials.

CAUTION style #1


CAUTION style #2


SPECIALS and “Non-USA” Conforming

Signs for ANSI and OSHA standards 

                         Also available are “NOTICE” signs. For use when servicing equipment

Sizes Available:

  • 11” W x 8.5” H    -  VERE  P/n  VNLWS8.5x11
  • 14” W x 10”  H    -  VERE  P/n  VNLWS10x14
  • 15” W x 11”  H    -  VERE  P/n  VNLWS11x15

When Ordering - Please state :

Laser Type:  i.e  ( nd:YAG) ( HeNe) (Argon)

Wattage :    i.e  ( 100mW)

Wavelength Emitted: i.e  ( 1064nm)

Pulse Duration: (If applicable)

 ( We will add this data to the front of the sign)

We produce standard products or specialized to your needs.