Innovative Products for the Optical Laboratory


VERE’s  Mini-Breadboards

(Custom width shown)

These are small honeycomb breadboards with a flange on the bottom plate for easy mounting. Being a honeycomb assembly, they are much lighter than comparable solid aluminum mounts and are ideal for elevating heavy centered loads The top surface has an array of 1/4-20 tapped holes (or M6) and the bottom flange has 1/4" slots. Available in 0.8", 1.3" or 2.3" thick. Custom sizes available.

an alternative idea for SOLID BREADBOARDS

Part numbers:


 MP34.5      (top surface = 3"x4", 0.8" high)   $99

 MP36.5      (top surface = 3"x6", 0.8" high)   $107

 MP341       (top surface = 3"x4", 1.3" high)   $99

 MP361       (top surface = 3"x6", 1.3" high)   $107

 MP342       (top surface = 3"x4", 2.3" high)   $99

 MP362       (top surface = 3"x6", 2.3" high)   $107